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CTE Dome

CTE Dome 
Gym Dome inflation set for February 2018

Superintendent Message

Charan ClineWelcome to the 2017-2018 school year! We are glad that you have chosen to partner with us in creating a great educational experience for your children. In the Yamhill Carlton School District, we have small schools but we provide our students with big opportunities. We are a school system that works to be a good partner with the communities we serve.

In our classrooms we emphasize student engagement with the curriculum. It is not enough for students to just quietly listen to the teacher. We insist that each one of our kids actively engage in the learning process. As an example, our teachers and principals are committed to making sure students are proficient on the knowledge and skills prescribed by the state standards. Our online grading system will actually give students and parents detailed information on what standards students are supposed to meet and how the student is doing on learning that knowledge or skill. Therefore parents are able to support their children as they work to achieve their academic goals.

At YCSD we are proud to give our students a well-rounded education. In addition to interesting academic elective options at the secondary level, we offer a range of programs in both technical fields and fine arts. From rocketry and STEM classes to afterschool robotics and drones, a range of technical programs exist to help students explore possible careers. Our Yamhill Carlton Career Academy (YCCA) gives students an opportunity to take a deep dive into career or technical school preparation. In arts, we have a K-12 Musical Theater program, 6-12 

If you visit our high school or intermediate school it is hard to miss the fact that we are under construction. As part of a bond measure passed in 2016 we have a number of projects underway.  A new gymnasium is being construction just west of the main high school building. A new science and career technology building is being constructed between the high school and the intermediate school. This facility will serve both high school and middle school students.

Our campus is being reshaped to become accessible for individuals with disabilities. Over the summer of 2017 our elementary school in Carlton was remodeled. Both the high school and intermediate school will receive the same treatment during the summer of 2018. All of our work is scheduled to be completed by October of 2018.

Our school is your school; please feel free to visit our campuses-Just check in at a school's front office.

Charan Cline

2017/2018 School Calendar

YCHS Veterans' Legacies Course:

Click on the following link to learn about the mission of the Veterans' Legacies Course.  Student interviews with veterans are here.  Interviews by YCHS students are searchable by veterans' name.

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Thank you to all the voters of Yamhill and Carlton for passing the school bond! With a 61% approval rating, we appreciate the support. Now it is time to create the safe facilities our kids should have. Thanks again!

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Check out the Current Bond Project Plans (December 2016)
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